Confirmation of Services/Fee Schedule


Unless other arrangements have been made, a $1,500.00 non-refundable retainer is required before any work can be initiated.  (The retainer will be credited toward any work performed.)  To enable us to proceed with the reconstruction, it is requested you provide the following information:

                                    Police Accident Report, to include any supplemental reports and statements.

                                    Police Diagram and Measurements (if any).

                                    All available photogrpahs (no photocopies).

                                    Any other pertinent information.

If an examination of the accident scene and/or vehicle(s) is necessary, the photographs will significantly expedite locating specific features and marks associated with the collision sequence.  In addition, existing measurements can be corroborated and additional measurements obtained, if necessary.  It is suggested this material be forwarded via certified mail, return receipt requested.


Our fees are $200.00 per hour, plus related expenses, for all case work associated with the reconstruction and analysis of the collision sequence.  This would include the review and evaluation of case materials provided, technical field work, preparation of diagrams/illustrations and any formal written reports requested.  (Fees for technical assistants utilized in the field are $75.00 per hour.  Mileage is charged at a flat rate of .75 (cents) per mile.


Fees for deposition and trial testimony are $200.00 per hour, with a minimum 4 hour/$800.00 charge.  (Trial/depostiion preparation time is billed at our regular hourly rate.)


*Note:  We do not provide testimony based on "preliminary" evaluations.  Payment for services rendered are the responsibility of the individual and/or firm listed above.