We are a Consulting firm in the expertise of Accident Reconstruction.  We have, collectively, over 70 years experience in the field of accident investigation.  We have been involved in well over 7,000 accident investigations and over 3,000 reconstruction cases, both civil and criminal.  We have represented insurance companies and law firms, as both consultants and accident reconstruction experts. 

    In addition to our investigative and reconstruction backgrounds, Mike and Ray have been extensively involved in the development of various accident investigation courses and seminars, to include training aids and computer programs.  We have been contacted by the Georgia Police Academy, Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to develop and instruct technical accident investigation and accident reconstruction courses, to include update training seminars.  We have also developed the basic accident investigation course and training aids utilized by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.  We were also contacted to develop accredited, college level curriculum in accident investigation for Arkansas State University.

    Mike and Ray have also conducted, coordinated and participated in numerous testing and research projects; test skidding of various vehicles on various surfaces, to include truck/tractor/semi trailer combinations and motorcycles, cirtical speed scuffs, lamp and speedometer examinations, vehicle vaults and the controlled crashing of vehicles for impact speed determinations.  We have also conducted numerous night visibility studies, to assess driver visual acuity and sight distances.